Monday, 15 July 2013


I love love vintage map print material, and was thinking about getting some for a while when my awesome mum comes back from a fabric store in Kirclady with a whole lode of it!

Since taking Fashion & Tech in high school, I haven't reallyyyy made anything (although I often come close). I decided that now since I physically had the material, the resources and the time, I really had no excuses, so set about sorting my plan of action.

Originally I wanted to make a dress, similar to this:

So anyway it started as a dressmaking project but then was slowly whittled down to a crop top project, as making a dress actually isn't that easy. So here's how I got started!

1) Found a decent pattern online. I got mine here

2) Work out how much fabric your gonna need, and give it a nice wash + dry out

3) Cut out and pin on fabric (harder than it looks and sounds, I suffered quite a few stress attacks at this early stage)

4) Cut out the fabric around the pattern

5) Get your darts in. This pattern was easy(ish) for darts, just horizontal at the bust line (TOP TIP: draw where your going to sew... and make sure its straight!!)

6) Inter-facing! A bit boring but gives a nice finish. Sew inside out around neck line on both sides and finally...

7) A mini hem along the bottom, and finally finally.....

8) Look fabulous!!

Till next time :D <3