Thursday, 4 February 2016

white walls

I moved into a new flat last week. It's completely bare, the walls are an off white eggshell that glow with yellow boxes when the sun rises in the morning. on my windowsill I have some books, a basil plant, and a pillow to sit on.  It is my first real adult home, and the most peaceful space I have ever inhabited.

It's probably a given that our surroundings infiltrate and impact on our moods, thoughts and feelings. I've never really been one to believe in 'energy' or 'vibes' in a literal sense but I can't deny that sense of lightness on my spirit after moving here. That's the best way to describe it, lightness.
To have a clear mind you need a clear space. And that's what I have finally got today. Happy new year as of the 04/02/16.

Ever put things off for when you're in the  'right frame of mind'? I certainly do. I just quit a mind numbing job that was forcing my soul to deteriorate. Bad move from a practice mindset, first rents due this week and I've only just discovered my council tax band... but what's more important? creative freedom, fresh outlooks, new opportunities, happiness... lightness? or, financial stability.

To be honest I don't know. But I suppose I am about to find out, will keep you posted.