Saturday, 3 August 2013

It's hard to pick a favourite hot-spot in a city like Edinburgh... there are just too many! Even after three years of living here I'm still discovering cute cafes, amazing vintage stores and cool bars tucked away along its winding cobbled streets. More than anything I love how old this place is. It's SO old (The castle dates back to the 12th century) and I can't help but think it's a bit magical. I hate to admit there really is truth behind the city council's marketing team slogan 'Incredinburgh!' (ughh...).

You just need to take a walk down the Royal Mile to see/hear/taste and really feel the soul of the city. Every few steps you’ll pass a busking musician, street actor, story teller or even Elaine, the world’s most pierced woman! The Edinburgh festival has just begun and the city is swamped with performers from all over the world, there really is no better time to visit than right now in August.

To make it easier to pick my hot spots for Free People, I spent a day in town with my camera; here is where I went and what I did…

Elephant House Café

This is one of my favourite places for coffee in Edinburgh. And I can’t deny that one of the reasons is the fact Harry Potter was pretty much born here (not literally). JK Rowling used to write in this café at the back table, and look at her now! I’m secretly hoping there’s something in the croissants.

The bathrooms are covered in HP themed graffiti, mostly people from all over the world coming to share their appreciation (where would we be without Harry, after all?)

Scottish Modern Art Gallery

After a Latte and a cheeky wee bit of shortbread, I caught a free (!) bus up to the Scottish Modern Art Gallery. It’s really great for a day out as there are two huge galleries to look through (Modern 1 & Modern 2). I especially like the illuminated sign by Martin Creed, hanging at the entrance saying ‘Everything is going to be alright’, it’s just quite nice to know really.

Armstrong's Vintage Emporium 

After the gallery, I went to my favourite vintage store, Armstrong’s. There are three stores around Edinburgh but it’s the Grassmarket one that’s my favourite, just because it’s bigger, so more crazy dresses to browse through. Inside it’s like a massive wardrobe bomb has gone off. Beautiful dresses hang from every spot in the room, and a quirky mix of statues/mannequins and eclectic objects fill any remaining spaces.  Definitely a great place to kill an hour or two.

I could go on and on and on about this town, it really is amazing. Like nowhere else it continues to surprise, inspire and captivate. No matter where I go, I’ll never forget this crazy city…


  1. I went to school and uni in Edinburgh and spent a lot of time at both The Elephant House and Armstrongs! Glad they're still going strong! :)

    Good luck in the FP comp! It's been lovely discovering new bloggers through it!

    Julia from

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