Tuesday, 13 August 2013

I've just returned from an entire week of no signal, no wifi and no communication with anyone bar my family (am currently surrounded by facebook, twitter, instagram, am downloading a movie and Fiona Apple is blaring from Spotify...relapses eh). Not gonna lie, I did at times feel like I was in a celebrity rehabilitation center, however, I was actually living in a converted barn in the north Norfolk 'wilds'.

The closest thing to our barn was the pub (right next door, so y'know, not baaad). The next closest thing was the 'Horsey Wind-Pump' (yep...) and after that, was a beach, FULL of beautiful lovely cute squishy seals - I just wanted to roll around with them but I didn't. 

A week away from real life, was actually, pretty beneficial. I accepted the 'No Signal' note on my phone and embraced the idea of a week completely free from, well, everything. I got through two books, shot a load of photographs, went on walks and took in the lovely countryside.

We visited Cromer, a seaside town with a pier and  lots of casinos and arcades. Also Blickling House, a
National Trust stately home that used to belong to the Boleyn Family. I tried to imagine a young Anne playing in the surrounding fields...

For me though the seals were a total highlight

 The dreamy beach was especially captivating at sundown. I'd look out to sea and let it carry all my worries away...

Back to reality now, I've got work in an hour and a billion errands to run... will definitely be missing the fields and beaches of Norfolk today! 


  1. hello i love your photographs! would like to follow each other? coz i love photography as well! :)


  2. Love your pictures! I think I could use being cut off from the internet for a little while too..

  3. Aw thank you! Have a great weekend guys - take loads of piccies! :)