Saturday, 9 March 2013

  Home for the weekend! Back to the not-so-sleepy village of Newport on Tay for some quality time with the fam.  One thing I love about being home is that it’s never boring, there is always something happening in the village and on this occasion, it was the opening of a new boutique, The Cheeky Chair Company & Friends.

With the Victoria and Albert museum’s much anticipated arrival in Dundee, there is certainly a buzz about the surrounding area. It’s definitely the right time to get up and coming businesses out in the open for the surge of visitors, come 2015.

So I woke up (moderately) early this morning, pulled my sisters out of bed and headed down the high street to see what all the fuss was about, and, I was really impressed! 

 The shop, although small, supplies a range of revitalised vintage furniture, an eclectic range of cards, clocks and wall decorations and an interesting rack of vintage clothing. There is also a range of jewellery and other ‘shabby-chic’ style interior embellishments.   

 It’s the sort of store I love to spend a good amount of time working my way around, taking in all the little pieces and finding truly special items that you can keep forever. 

I’ve definitely been inspired to start painting and sand-papering an old chest of drawers from the attic, figuring out how to get them down the ladders can wait till later... All in all it’s really nice to have this type of boutique in my home-village, will totally be checking it out again next time I’m home!

Check out the Cheeky Chair Company here :)

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