Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Whilst I was home for Mother’s Day (or in our case, Mother’s Friday Night, seeing as the family where scattered all over the place at the weekend) it snowed quite a lot. I had to go for my train back to Edinburgh but before that I really wanted to just walk around in it all. I took my camera and made a little film, it hopefully represents the bleak-but-beautiful atmosphere of the field out the back of my house.

Although I’d forgotten my ipod (it’s usually always with me, especially on county walks in the snow) I decided to put the clips to a Fleet Foxes song. They always make me feel nostalgia, I guess for being younger and running around with the neighbourhood kids, through forests, through farmers’ fields… So for me, the song fits the snowy day like a pair of warm winter gloves (haha, sorry).

Back in Edinburgh now and the snow has all melted away, wonder if that’s it for the winter? Come on Spring, where the heck are ya?

Winter from Charlotte on Vimeo.

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